How can I use my voice changer in rust

Hey guys,
This guy has been coming to my house over and over again… Hes a kid, i know this becuase before he didnt turn it on so it was him just speaking.
I want to get him back when hes not expecting it can anyone help me?
Oh and im using MorphVox Pro if that helps

no that type of behavior should not be encouraged so dont use a voice changer in the game

Why not, Its only a little joke…

Bet you use the furry voice pack all the time

I havent used it yet becuase i cant figure out how to use it :confused:

I thought you’d read the readme included in the torrent. ohohoooo

That could be a place to start :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if you know how to use the software you should be able to get it to work in game just fine. This isn’t exactly a Rust question though…

Regardless, the software operates as a gate on any incoming voice transmission immediately after the signal is picked up by the mic and then outputs your affected audio into whatever VOIP system you are using. This really shouldn’t be hard to do.