How can I use Source engine footage in live action film?

Hi! I was just wondering whether there’s a way to import camera tracks (ie camera movement extracted from bluescreen footage) into Gmod. I was just thinking that there are a few scenarios in which the Source engine could be used to make a decent environment much more easily than doing it in Maya or 3ds Max.

This question has been asked before, but I can’t find any post that has been answered.

It should be technically possible to use a Lua script to import camera movement into a gmod camera mod, considering that the camera track is just a bunch of keyframes of where the camera is in 3d space.

It would be possible to write a parser in lua/as a module, but I doubt anyone around here would do it.

If I’m bored after finals, I may look into it, because this could be pretty useful.

You can motion track the video and apply it to a camera the way MaxOfS2D animates them I think.