How can I use textures from 2-3 games for Gmod maps ?

Hello ! So I got my Half Life Episodes 1&2, CS:S and L4D and I am making my first ever map, but I have no idea how can I use the textures, models, sounds etc in a single map for Gmod ?

(PS. What you wish for RP city/town map)

First of all: Are you sure you want to use all of these textures?
You know that everyone else also then needs the games u used mounted.
not that your map will look for most people like this.

For the Question:
You should try Source Multi Tool.
With it you can directly mount the Content you can use in Hammer and also include custom textures easy with the Custom Config.
the only downsite is, that it can’t directly run the map. If you don’t need this convience, then go ahead with it.

What i’ve really miss in RP_ maps, are unbranded ones.
Sure it’s nice to have an 7/11 or an Shell Station, but tbh i would like it unbranded.
So that i can can create my Vision within it.
Or release the vmf, so i could remove the branding and or some props i dislike (like beds)

Thanks for the tip, but I am making a small town with forest area so I would use HL2 Episode II forest assets for that part (since they are really good if you ask me) and CS:S textures for buildings.
Normal Half Life 2 has ugly sea side trees so I won’t use those. And also I think most players already have the CS:S and Half Life 2 textures since most maps use them

ahh okay. you wrote “HL2, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2, CS:S, L4D in a single Gmod Map”.
That why i just gave you the tip :slight_smile:


did you try Tomelyr’s reply ??

yep, just hoping for some tips on RP maps

ah ok how about an under ground system like in the movie resident evil or a city with under ground dwellings