How can I verify if a server provider is legit (official)?

There have been scams in the past so I’m always weary about new server providers. Where can I find proof of a server provider being legit or not? There’s no official list of server providers, right? Only a wiki page, but it’s not really up to date and it’s maintained by the community.

Post a link to the provider, we’ll be able to tell you if it’s an official provider or not.

Not legit in my opinion.

Never heard of them.

i really wouldnt

After i posted my multiplay server on the server sub forum, they spammed my with PM. They said they are cheaper and want me to come to them, there also doing a geaway and shit. I don’t trust providers who act like that.

They’ve been PMing a LOT of people on reddit as well. Shit is annoying.

lol wow! did you guys read everything? Look at what they want you to pay for…this made me laugh this morning.

(5) Private Sessions w/ Gurus - $10.00 USD One Time
Real Time Private Sessions with our Technical Support Gurus over Skype, Mumble or Steam. This package includes 5 Sessions!

(10) Private Sessions w/ Gurus - $16.99 USD One Time
Real Time Private Sessions with our Technical Support Gurus over Skype, Mumble or Steam. This package includes 10 Sessions!

(5) Private Sessions w/ Owner - $20.00 USD One Time
Have the chance to receive real-time private sessions with the Chief Gaming Officer & Owner at Revolt Servers. This package includes 5 sessions!

(10) Private Sessions w/ Owner - $35.99 USD One Time
Have the chance to receive real-time private sessions with the Chief Gaming Officer & Owner at Revolt Servers. This package includes 5 sessions!

The revolt guys is hosting a cracked “The Stomping Land Server”

So proably not legit.

It is simply just yet another way to reach out to people. Revolt Servers has been up and running under a new experienced and professional management team for only a single month. Yet, we do host a great amount of high end Rust Game Servers, as well as other Source based Games such as Counter-Strike & Garry’s Mod. Please note that we PM everyone. If you do not like to receive an opportunity to get a good pricing for great services, it is fine by us and we understand. In that case, simply PM us back and tell us to add your name to the list of people not looking to receive any further messages & promotions.

We provide a very efficient and quick customer support over Support Tickets (like any providers out there). We guarantee a response time of 0 to 3 hours. However, some people are less experienced with game servers, and they usually want us to have a real-time support via skype/mumble to help them understand how to customize their services from A to Z. This is why we figured we would add these packages. I think it is only fair for people to pay a small extra for our employees time, don’t you?

No idea what you are talking about…

It is true that we did not receive a key directly from Garry & the Development Team. The previous managers at Revolt (before I acquired them 1 month ago), got their hands on a key by reaching out to a community or someone who had received one legit from Garry & Rust Developers, and that did not need it anymore. So, no its not a cracked version of some sort. I can guarantee that our services are real and we do care about our customers. Please find attached some images that might change your mind on judging us too quickly:

One of many pages of Rust Game Servers that we have inside our Game Panel (Each line = Unique Customer)

Revolt is still an unauthorized GSP, plain and simple. Common sense should tell you not to give them your money.

So what you are saying is it not legit. K thnx.

They do not give us their money. They pay for services, and they receive some pretty good ones.

I think I provided enough information about the kind of company we are running to make you think otherwise.

What are you talking about? You don’t have a legit key. You have a stolen key. That is software piracy. There are no 2-ways about it.

If a friend’s neighbor gave him a key to his lake house and your friend gave you a copy of the key without the neighbors permission, does that make it OK to go use the lake house?

You’ve already admitted you are running an illegitimately acquired copy of the server. That should be enough to make any sane adult wary of handing over their personal financial information. If you are willing to do such an unethical thing, who knows what you are doing with your customers private data.

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excellent analogy, except he’s renting the house out to strangers and saying Im not charging them to stay at the house, Im charging them for giving them a wake up call in the morning…

It’s pirated, but totally legit guys! These aren’t counterfeit coach purses from Chinatown, these are stolen coach purses from the store! That makes it okay.

Garry is pretty tight on who he allows to host Rust. If you aren’t a member of that group, you haven’t no business doing it. You’re a thief. Claiming the old owner was the one who stole it and thus it’s totally okay is retarded.

Answered this in my previous message. The key is not pirated.

We do not only offer Rust Game Servers. We have Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policies that we are obligated to respect.

Each customer private information is protected by our billing software (WHMCS) and no one has access to the information but me. (Not even our Support Gurus)

Never claimed such thing. The key was given to them by someone who got it from Garry. So, how would that make us thieves? We are not doing anything wrong. I contacted Garry several times, as well as his developers, and he never responded to my request to put us official on the Rust Forums & Wiki. If the key was pirated, I wouldn’t never have hosted any rust game servers. But where is the issue in actually giving a very good service & customer support to people looking for a reliable host? We have many customers who switched from Multiplay or GameServers because when they needed help, we helped them (even doe they were not our customers). That is what we stand for. We care.

That’s the point, Dimwit. The developers of the game have hand-picked which GSPs they want to allow to provide this service. You are not among them. The fact that he didn’t answer shows only that you, again, aren’t a legitimate service provider. And I get what you’re saying – it’s not cracked, the files are real. That’s why I said stolen rather than counterfeit is still wrong. I hope the leak you’re abusing is willing to continue feeding you updated server files, though, or your Rust run is going to be short-lived.

You did not get the key from the game developer. You were not authorized by the game developer to make money from their game. Garry has stated many times over his desire to only use a small amount of GSP’s they have approved for the time being. You as a company are doing something unethical and trying to pretty it up with misdirection. Sorry, not all of us are 15 year olds that don’t care about ethical business practices or what is done with their parents financial info.