How can import models(in source's model format) to gmod ? (in spawnlist)

So lets say i created model and make it for sources format(just say, i didnt and didnt tried it 'cause i dont want to waste mah time :slight_smile: asking is faster)
How can i add it to gmod ? in other games(tf2, l4d2) just making it same name as weapons is enough but gmod have spawn things etc., sooo…

  • [lets say] i got a model in source’s model format(dont remember the extension right now
  • how can i add it to gmod, which should be in spawn list so i can spawn easily.

wrong section

Drag models + materials into your gmod directory, then move the model to your likings, just remember the directory.

		"version"		"Number Version Here"
		"name"		"Spawnlist Name"
		"1"		"models/mymodels/guns/weapon1.mdl"
		"2"		"models/mymodels/plants/marijuana.mdl"
		"3"		"models/l4d2/keith/keith.mdl"
		"4"		"(model directory)"

snippet of line to add if you need to add more models to the list:

		"next number in order"		"models/(model directory)"

Copy paste into a .txt, then put the file in:

Example of a spawnlist already done:

		"version"		"2"
		"name"		"HL2: Episode 2"
		"1"		"models/alyx_ep2.mdl"
		"2"		"models/antlion_grub.mdl"
		"3"		"models/antlion_grub_squashed.mdl"
		"4"		"models/antlion_guard.mdl"
		"5"		"models/antlion_worker.mdl"
		"6"		"models/grub_nugget_large.mdl"
		"7"		"models/Hunter.mdl"
		"8"		"models/magnusson_device.mdl"
		"9"		"models/magnusson_teleporter.mdl"
		"10"		"models/magnusson.mdl"
		"11"		"models/vortigaunt_doctor.mdl"
		"12"		"models/vehicle.mdl"
		"13"		"models/Combine_turrets/floor_turret.mdl"
		"14"		"models/Items/item_beacon_crate.mdl"
		"15"		"models/props_citizen_tech/transponder.mdl"
		"16"		"models/props_explosive/explosive_butane_can.mdl"
		"17"		"models/props_explosive/explosive_butane_can02.mdl"
		"18"		"models/props_foliage/bush2.mdl"
		"19"		"models/props_foliage/hedge_256_128high.mdl"
		"20"		"models/props_foliage/tree_dead01.mdl"
		"21"		"models/props_foliage/tree_pine04.mdl"
		"22"		"models/props_foliage/tree_pine05.mdl"
		"23"		"models/props_foliage/tree_slice01.mdl"

Snipped part of it out cause it was long.

Hopes that helps, and yes, wrong section. If you need anything pm me or sumtin’

Sorry about that.
I though Models/Skins is main section and you cant post in there, but seems like you can :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, can i also have .QC file for a prop ? i guess gmod have weight and stuff in it… so, i need help