How can we delete server history?

Well, as the title suggests im looking for a way to delete server history, i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling hoping it was a temporary file but it would appear it isn’t.

The main reason this is an issue is, (as im sure alot of players can agree), I like to scout out a server before i decide to dedicate my time to it, whether it be due to no English players, reports of hackers, abusive admins or simply overpopulated with decaying buildings etc.

Not only this, but alot of the servers i previously joined are now either Dead or they’ve had name changes, this makes it extremely difficult to find a server i liked had i not written the IP down.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks- Jak/Humb

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Anybody? :confused:

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Anybody? please?


I don’t understand what ur asking… lol.

in server browser there is history of servers u joined, he wants to delete servers from there. which i want too btw.

Ahh. Makes sense now. I believe they dissappear after a few weeks of not joining them.

So essentially hardly ever baring in mind my issue is that i’ve got to keep rejoining servers to try and find ones i have in mind…

Still awaiting reply, this is towards a good cause. Alot of people are also wondering how

I wouldn’t expect a reply especially for a non-essential ui element and a new feature.

I understand completely, I have been playing this game for a little while now and my server history list is huge. I hope Garry adds a clear history button to the server list.

I want this too, bumping for visibility.

I joined six servers before I found one that I liked. Lag free, PvP on, sleepers disabled, and a (mostly) friendly group of people to play with. It’s annoying to see the other five that I only joined once in my history.

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My my, what servers have you been joining? :pwn:

Hmm still unable to find a solution for this unfortunately :C

An option to just hover over servers in the list and press Del or Backspace to remove them would be better than a Clear History button, IMO. Most people won’t want to get rid of the 1-5 (or however many) they actually play, they just want to get rid of the single-login ones.

Ideally if it was set up to give those entries a history ‘age’, such as, if you play a server for up to an hour, it’s on your history for 1 day… up to 5hrs means it stays there for at least a couple days, 5-20hrs means it stays there 3-4 days, 20hrs or longer spent on a server means it stays there for ages (a week after last play). This would take all of an hour or two of coding to implement (if that), assuming they already keep track of hours spent on a particular server (pretty sure Steam/Rust does) - then your list would maintain itself.

Im not suggesting this, im simply asking for a way to remove my server history, as i’d much rather have it clear, i’ve got over 20 results in my history tab now, all with VERY similar names. It’s becoming a pain now to find servers every session.

Any luck with this? google is not being my friend here…

Good idea, it would be nice to individually delete servers

That or add the favorite servers list back.

My history doesn’t even work. It’s always blank. Anybody know why that might be?