How can we stop DDosers?

Some people are DDosing our servers… how could this be stopped?

Which servers?

Depends on the type of attack. Some are easy to stop, others are insanely hard if not outright impossible.

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Negotiate with the person who is doing it… Or just contact your host’s support email, if you’re talking about ** your ** server :v:

DDoS them back

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Ignore it it will stop within 2 hours

If its a box you can remote desktop to then install a firewall and it should help. And get commview to view where the IPs coming from and you can block the specific IP. A lot of it is trial and error. But I’m no pro. Also contact the host or your ISP.

Get wire shark if you own your own box, record all IP’s then block them.

Obviously uneducated in the situation, I will not begin to list the reasons why this is stupid and will not work. You sir just lost the internet.

My box got attacked earlier today. We managed to stay more or less online, but it’s an annoyance. The attack hit around 200mbit I think.

The attackers are pretty persistent though. They’ve attacked a few times today.

Players ingame had a lagspike, the server “didn’t exist” to hlsw/server browser for a few minutes.

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That won’t solve it, but it’s a fun idea nonetheless.

If it is a minor problem you can ask your host to deny access to your/there servers using MMC. Here is a thread with a simple video I created awhile back on how people who host there servers on there own machine/dedicated server can stop a simple attack.

If its a major problem switch hosts.

Not all (G)ame (S)erver §roviders take the time to invest money in protecting their customers. There are a lots of professional grade firewalls out there that do help. Part of the reason they may not invest in there firewall is because they get a bit expensive.

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You know if you ask the moderators they may give you his details which then you an go back to their ISP well you require a signed document by a judge for them to reveal the info, But I’de take him down get him put away,

On the otherhand there is no cheap efficient way to stop a Dos

Or you add them on Steam, open up wireshark and start a voice call, and hope that they don’t have a VPN.

That would be the simpler way, indeed.

I never liked wireshark… It always dies on me.

change your IP if possible?

That’s just giving in.