How come I cannot connect to an internet game on Garry's Mod?

I bought it off of Steam so it is not pirated or anything, after update 73 I could join a game but the spawn menu was broken as most of us know, yet when update 74 installed not a single internet game will show up on my list.

Could I get a little help please?

Your firewall has probably detected Gmod was updated and has blocked incoming connections for hl2.exe.

How would I fix this?

Depends on what antivirus program you’re using

I’m using AVG Free 2009. I had it on and changed none of my settings. For some reason after update 74 was installed I lost all online functionality. Only thing it can do is say refreshing list and nothing shows up.

It’s possible AVG detected a change in the hash of GMod’s exe file, blocking it on your firewall. I’ve no idea how AVG acts, I use Avast.

Check hl2.exe is in your exceptions list.

It is in the exceptions list. I have no clue what is wrong with it.

Remove it, then add it again.

My firewall is allowing hl2.exe and so is my Residential Shield on AVG Free 2009.

I go to click on Join Multiplayer and the window pops up, says it is refreshing server list and nothing shows up at all. I have tried turning off show map list and that did not help.

I know that I’m connected to the internet, I’m not downloading anything. This problem started when update 74 was added.

You better find servers from google. Then open up console and write “connect <iphere>”

What the hell?

Wow, I feel like I just got kicked in the dick and wasted my $9.99… -_-

did you try going on steam’s beta test? when they have those Gmod loses all online funcionality unless you update the the beta, (then go back to the standard when the public beta is over). you cna set yoru beat participation in yoru steam settings menu (4th button on teh bottom of your steam game panel). unless this is not yoru problem at all, but that what it sounded liek to me.

Did you do this?

Open Steam Server browser
Set Game to Garry’s Mod
Join a server
close garry’s mod
Start garry’s mod

I tried the method ZombieWaffle mentioned and it did no dice. I can still use the Steam Server browser to select which server to play in which is just as good.