How come my blocklos texture doesn't work?

No matter what I do, the texture does not block the npc los. For context, maybe I can explain how I map? I tried looking up solutions on google, but nothing. So here I go (yes, it’s about Gmod);

I use the SDK 2013 Base, multiplayer. To map for Gmod, I altered the hl2mp config, including Gmod vpks for Gmod materials and Gmod’s FGD to recognize its entities. That’s about it. Does that have anything to do with the texture not working as intended? Sorry if this is really a dumb question.

For context, I made one map before using the 2013 base, and the blocklos texture was working fine (I used the previous SDK base, configured directly for gmod, but unfortunately Steampipe slowly broke it).

What texture are you talking about? And IDK what the hell NPC “los” is.

LOS is Line of Sight. The texture I’m referring to is the Block LOS texture (toolsblock_los). It’s supposed to block npc line of sight (they won’t see you behind any brush with that texture), but it doesn’t seem to work, at least with my current hammer config.

Can you explain a little more about your situation? NPCs can find the player through other ways like “hearing” them, or if another member of their squad sees you, so NPCs might still be aware of the player’s presence anyway.

I just don’t want them to shoot me. If they can’t see me, they can’t shoot me, and that’s what the blocklos texture is supposed to do, but it doesn’t seem to work. Even when I stand inside the brush, they still shoot at me.

Can you post a screenshot of the configuration? You may have accidentally made the brush a tiny bit short, or something. Also, make sure you didn’t tie it to an entity that would mess up the purpose of the texture. (I know changing the brush entity type doesn’t change visibility but it can change how it works sometimes, obviously)

MP doesn’t have NPC’s.

I doubt that 2d and 3d views yield anything.

I did note my blocklos brushes had the crossing polygons problem too.

Do I need to change Game Exe Directory?

That’s your problem. BlockLOS isn’t a volume like a trigger, it creates a LOS wall from the brush - like the “player clip” tools. They can see inside of the brush, but not through it. Just create a hollow box around the NPCs if you want them to be inactive.