How come no one helps when you need it?

I posted a forum when i actually NEEDED the help, in help/support, suggestions/ideas, and models/skin (it had to do with models)

i got like 50 views on each NO REPLIES wtf is up with that??

They looked at your avatar? They couldn’t help? The same person viewed it over and over again?.. How do you see how many views a thread gets anyways x_X

theres a little thing to the right of the screen its goes Replies__Views__and somthing else im not sure


Maybe it’s because we’re not obliged to help you?

People tend to judge you on Grammar and maturity so if you’re lacking in any of these they feel less obliged to help you, it’s the way Facepunch works my friend.

What do you mean “when you actually need help”? Not many people ask for help in here if they don’t need it.

i always need help with ragdolls and models because they always come out retarded and not being able to spawn :frowning:

I have recieved help whenever I asked for it. Has to be either your grammer or avatar.