How come noone has made a decent motorcycle?

Title says most of what I’m asking… I have seen many motorcycles howver half of them are just invisijeepfailcars, or a shitty looking excuse of an adv dup that doesnt work half the time and if it does it doenst leen into turns… :frown: If yall know of any post’em hear plz

because it takes too much work and effort

Because Noone is a busy man.

Because it’s ridiculously hard.

Because we are all fucking lazy :slight_smile:

Because APC’s are better.

Actually that is more of a preference.

APC’s are easier to make rather then a motorcycle, they are small and they are suspended on two wheels, plus the player sitting animations don’t work with them.

It’s too time consuming whileas everyone has more than enough time to do so.

They won’t stay upright, Keep Upright would make the vehicle suck when driving up and down slopes and making an airboat work a motorcycle makes an invisible area to collide with. And it would make the wrong noise.

There IS, however, a Hoverbike you can find on

Gimmie, NOW!

You could use E2 and use thrusters to stop it falling under a bearing of 50 or something


Equals awesomeness.

Not available due to copyright restrictions FFFFFFFFFFF