How come there has yet to be a dead rising gamemode?

It would be quite simple yet fun. Just make the player 3rd person, make zombies, add health from food, and objectives like having to save someone from dieing and what not. Im already making a big mall map and I could probably make it work with the gamemode.

K. Let us know when you finish it.

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Well, I’d tell you but it’s case sensitive. Sorry.

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Making that many zombie npc’s like in Dead rising is going to crash the source engine and be able to pick up almost everything is going to be hard.

It isn’t quite as simple as you might make it seem. Sure, there are some easy parts to it (health from food, 3rd person), but you probably don’t realize that the NPC’s aren’t going to work very well.

Adding nodes to the map can make the AI be pretty damn realistic. However, the lag might be a problem…

Then use the method blackops used for his RTS make them Sents not NPC’s

I have been saying the exact same thing! Why isn’t There?

AI nodes don’t take up too many resources really.

Nodes don’t lag. They’re baked. The only problem is that they’re a bitch to make them realistic, and more nodes does not make AI any better.

Well it all depends where you put the nodes.

Nodes don’t lag, but NPCS do, not sure why however, no decent reason (I mean 40+ npcs).


I mean, the NPC’s themselves lag, not the nodes…

What about making only dents near you the “smart” ones. While ones in the distance only draw clientside. Not sure how that’d work though. But it could


Fail spellchecker. I meant sents

Someone was working on a Dead Rising gamemode a long time ago, but it died. I have little hope that anything like this would come out. Though it would be fun if it did.

sounds a bit like zombie panic source for gmod.


And, I would love to see this happen, but quite frankly I don’t see it happening on Garry’s Mod’s Source Engine…

…unless Garry would update it to Left 4 Dead’s Source Engine.

Good idea,I might give it a try using 1x1 PHX plastic bricks (green for zombie,orange for human) and then code them to follow and damage the orange bricks.

Should be simple enough and not too FPS heavy.

Unless somebody else wants to take the idea. Then go ahead.

Better yet,use cans.

So whats this dead rising again =3
ANYWAY… whats the difference between all the engines which sound sourcey (See what i did there =D)