How come we can't ride horses and frogs like in ark?

I want to be able to ride the horses and the pigs at least, maybe even a bear but you should have to be at least lvl 20 to ride the bear, 10 to ride horse, and 5 to ride the pig. Of course you gain lvls by riding animals across the various landscapes, and maybe even lvl 30 to ride a human, no? Plus this would add a lot of strategy to pvp since we could ride bulls and stuff to ram into the door and maybe you could ride giant spiders lvl 40 and climb up to the top of buildings, no? Post “yes” if you agree, “no” if you do not think this is a good idea.

Riding horses would be very cool, plz implement this


Because this is not Ark.

One day we gonna ride dragons and fire apples at each other. :science101:


This isn’t ARK, this is Rust. If you want to level up and ride animals or people, go play ARK.

…we have ratings for a reason, lmao


have a purpose.

I think taming Horses would be great. Having some kinda way of moving around the map faster would be something!

Becauses this is not ark.

I find it funny that people are so against such a practical use for such a useless entity in this game at this point in time, and I also find it funny that people can only compare the idea of riding a horse to the game ARK. After all, beasts of burden found usage well before ARK was ever even considered.

They said a long while ago that horses would be ridable eventually. Excuse the Rust team for actually working on fleshing the game out and trying to fix things rather than take the ARK route and pile content over an unstable base game.

Riding spiders and frogs? Maybe they actually will add dragons!