How compile this? I get Error!!!

At compilation produces an error: c
Dll compile for gmod!

Dude can you even try to get proper information? You just gave us a damn screenshot in Russian or whatever the language is, this is an English forum, we most likely are Lua developers, and the ones that develop c++ modules won’t help you with just a screenshot without any context, or even a description about what are you doing

Also what are you doing, why do you need to compile baseplayer, are you doing GMOD stuff?

On top of that, you should be starting with the first error, not a random one in the middle.

how about just not cheating?

Ok so I bit the bullet and took it to Google Translate to see what the hell some of those errors meant.

Turns out you have a shitton of Syntax Errors and missing semicolons. Refer to the specified lines in the specified files to eliminate any discrepancies that are breaking your C++ code. Make sure your editor is formatting your text properly.

As for error C2555 and C3646, these should be useful:

More on covariancy

I don’t know much about C++, but judging from your log, I’d assume that the function GetRagdollInitBoneArrays in BasePlayer or BaseAnimating is returning something that it shouldn’t. Are you using inheritance/overrides properly?

Next time please show us samples of the faulty code.
Whatever you’re doing, don’t try it on secure servers either. I’m assuming you’re not a jackass. :v:
Consider learning C++ before tinkering with C++ code, too