How could i add these halp weapons to my server

How could i add the fallowing to my dedicated server?

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Someone would have to port them over to GMod 13.

I can do that i just dont know where to put the files. I’ve done it for tools like multi-weld. All i had to do was add it to the gamemodes tools and fix a few lua errors. How do i do that with these weapons?

You can update Lua files to gmod 13. But you dont know where to place them?

Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Addons, and it should load as a legacy addon.

its in the addons and i changed info.txt to addon.txt but i cant seam to load the weapons.


Attempted to create unknown entity type Halo_dm_M6D!


Its not as simple as just changing the info.txt to addon.txt, The lua files are also broke.

I know that im gonna fix them

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I fixed them but my dedicated server wont update with the new addon. How do i get the dedicated server to reload the addon’s?

Restart it

This is what i have done so far

Every weapon works except the Rocket launcher and there is only one lua error for the flame thrower. This lua error is something to do with the “particletrace.lua” file. It was originaly in “garrysmod\addons\HaloSweps\lua\weapons”
I moved it to
“E:\Programs\installed programs\Steam\steamapps\modeltrainsfreak\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\HaloSweps\lua\weapons\halo_dm_flamethrower”
for the flame thrower to work