How could i bought a key?

Sorry my english first.
I want buy a Rust key, but the webpage said: the store is offline
And aslo cant found the Rust on the steam.
Thats the question, how could i bought a key?

BTW, i’m a chinese player, have the IP problem? Someone told me chinese player cant play this game.
And if somewhere can buy the Rust key, pls.


You can’t anymore.
the store is closed for now and the steam is using to apply our steam keys to the secret beta of rust there no more WEBPLAYER! R.I.P WEBPLAYER.

The game is closed to new players at the moment Garry has mentioned that the game will go on sale over at the steam store within the next month or two i believe

omg, thx!
Hope i can found the game at the steam in next month.

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Thank you!
I just think maybe the store will online 2hours/day…
Emmm, but how can i join the secret beta test?
Where did you got the steam keys?

The Steam keys were given to everyone who already had a Rust account. Until this week, it wasn’t on Steam and you had to use a webpage to play.

So, I have to register a account at first, but i dont have the Rust keys.
And the store was offline, so i cant buy a key.

OK, time to bed.

Thank you!