How could i check if the server uses FAdmin or ULX?

Title. I need to know which function to use to set a user an admin. Thanks!

Pretty sure ULX has some type of variable that says something like that so you can do

if ULX then …

I assume ulx has a global table, ergo.

if ulx then
--Theres ULX installed

Should’ve fully read the OP lol

You can also check for ulx lua files.

Some servers use both. If an FAdmin rank has the same name as a ULX one, FAdmin will notice and apply it’s permissions to users of that rank.

if ulx then works right. thank you all.

I personally use files as a check instead of checking for variables in my addons because addons load prior to almost anything and they load alphabetically if I recall correctly. So, with mine being called acecool* they load before ulx and ulib meaning it’d fail when looking for ulx because it hasn’t been initialized yet ( if you do the check in the file outside of hooks that run on GM Load ).