How could I improve this?

I know A lot of you have probably seen me showing this picture off:

But I want to know, how could I improve it, and what should I add / remove?

Also, here is my HUD that I whipped up using Garrysmod Wiki. What could be done to improve the look of this? :

Good criticism with useful improvements is what I need right now.

Ok lets start with picture one.

1.The background sucks and the DPanels dont go well with it
2.The blue and red text looks like shit
3.alot of empty space
4.I suggest make a derma skin or use the paint function on the derma controls

Ok picture two

  1. all the hud items in the bottem dont match each other in anyway you need to pick a style and stick to it
  2. I Feel that the screen is too light you need some post process effects on it or something
  3. The hud looks to happy darken it up a bit

In 1st pic you can put a picture of the weapon selected and show some stats and a quick description to fill up the space.


in the second one, as king flawless said, make it one theme. Maybe like that one metallic logo up there to give it a badassery feeling. It seems a little too happy like tf2 is.

I’ll get right on it :smiley: thanks for some criticism, any more is still appreciated.

Oh yeah, the clip numbers are a little confusing and in case you didn’t notice, the East and West are misaligned.

You don’t really need something that says 100 health, when 100 is sufficient and there is a cross next to it.
Oh yeah, is this based off of BC2?


Also, i’ve made a little template of a scratched metal background for the hud, well, mroe an example of where it should be:

This shows where the background will go, and what bits will be coloured ( no, it won’t be the light blue colour, thats just the colour which showed up best against the colours at the bottom for you guys to see )

@|King Flawless|
What type of background should I use instead of the one I have now ( referring to the DPanel )

The Compass is a 3D compass, it moves up, down, left and right so yeah , it will look like they are mis aligned in a picture, but that’s what they do in-game, they change positions according to where you are looking.

Just make it match the hud and the whole style of everything

Will do.

I would think that a model viewer for your player’s model that he selects, would be cool. So if the player has not seen that player model before, he could just look at it instead of some other way-depending on the person.

Also, I think you should get rid of the “Disconnect” button. If the player cant press the escape button and his disconnect, I really do not think you want him going on your server (Maybe, that might just be me)-maybe put something else there or extend the left area for something new or my model viewer idea?

Just some ideas. Hope I helped.

(Tell me if you want me to be a little more clear. I just wrote this really fast. I’ll check on this thread tomorrow or sometime. Its almost 10 here and I got to meet up with some peeps.)

You were clear, but I have made space for a DModelPanel. In the space below the “Select Your Model” and “Soldier Name” will be where I will put it, but obviously, on there I havn’t selected a class, so it does not appear.