How could I reduce the bounciness of rail wheels?

I’m using E2 applyTorque to power 2 pairs of wheels which are axis-constrainted onto bogies (I used Precision Alignment).
Below 15 km/h the wheels roll nicely as one would expect. If I go above that, they become bouncy.
I’ve tried pushing them down with applyForce and also messed around with weights, but the only 2 types of results I’ve got so far are* too much spazzing* and insufficient speed.

Could any you locomotive masters give me some advice please? I don’t want to end up setting them to “super ice” :v:

I believe there’s a tool out there that makes physics objects have a perfectly smooth collision sphere instead of the whole sphere created out of squares collision.

MS’ing rail wheels is a pretty dumb idea. Try it yourself and then place those wheels on the rails, you will notice the effect.

Use phx bogeys, they have shit tons of more polys than shadowscions work.

PS: Tip from a friend from FC&N: Don’t use mechanical wheels at all, use railsleds or the bogeysets from Magnums Trainpack. Also, make sure to have some downforce E2 for it.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that.