How could we trust you if you don't even answer to such important questions?

Why none answerd on that?

Your computer is infected with condoms? How did that happen (I have a guess) and why are you blaming facepunch?

It’s called a false positive, dummy.

What antivirus is that?

Besides, the words “false positive” exist for a reason.

It looks like Garry wants to take your financial information so he can make off with all of your Leu and buy an ox cart.

Are you really recycling the tears of Artificial Aiming from a month ago with this trojan nonsense?

We get it, you were banned for cheating and now want to salt the earth.

Looking at the text, it’s BitDefender.


What the heck are you talking about? Never got banned… wtf. I asked a simple question, they didnt even bother to answer.

When they first put in Cheatpunch the guys at various cheat sites started calling it a Trojan and a wave of banned players started saying the same thing. They have already answered this question, it is not a trojan. If you do not want to be compared to hackers who started this stupidity then do not believe things you read on hack sites.

Well, thank you for your kind answer :slight_smile: I made the topic because my bitdefender totalsecurity 2014 found rust.exe as a trojan. And I wanted to be sure if they implement something to stop the hackers or it was a mistake. That was all I wanted to hear, and after I saw how many days passed and none answerd. I started to get suspicious. Ps: The antivirus is up to date and fully licensed. So that really put me on thinking.

I’ve never played rust before so I wouldn’t know but, I know a bit about anticheats. There are lots of games that use anti-cheat methods some antiviruses pick up as false positives. I seriously doubt Garry would purposely infect his customers computers with any sort of malicious program. Most gaming companies won’t tell you anything about their anticheat, because this usually helps hackers get around them, so you might not get any answer at all.
It’s more than likely a false positive. Most antiviruses have a report feature, like avast, that allows you to send in a ticket to get it unflagged.

Well, that could be true. This happend after the last update. And my antivirus detected the “virus”.

Not sure if my virus scanner is good… or bad… Since it doesn’t detect it lmao

I guess you are using a computer for some time so you should know about stuff such as this (which happens quite often) so the thing is you should be more polite before going in drama mode. + I’m curious what do you mean by buying an ox cart worms ?

many-a early access games throw false positives because the virus database does not have enough data on the file to make sure that it ISN’T something malicious. especially on bitdefender it seems, which is why i switched to avast. had the same problem with insurgency, outerra anteworld updates. and it wouldnt give any notification, just automatically delete the file as it was downloading and I was wondering why the game wasn’t working. some antiviruses might call it a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)

I fully agree with you. I kinda jump over the border. But also, what are you trying to say with “ox cart worms” ?
And I don’t remember to mention such thing.

It was about the user “Igotworms” not you . he was saying that Garry will steal ur info take your “leu”(our currency :ro) and buy an ox cart . not hard to figure it was a racist remark by someone that has no clue what our country is really like , anyway I don’t wanna start an off topic argument so I’m gonna stop here .

You’re right, I had no idea that ox carts had racial connotations tied to it anywhere in the entire known world. This would have to be a first. I apologize for my ignorance of ox cart related sensitivities.

At any rate, if you really think Garry is trying to steal your personal, private and/or financial information by installing Trojans on your computer then you probably shouldn’t play Rust.

garry wants to know where the hidden folders with pRon are