How create a skybox (2d or 3d)

How do I create a skybox? I’ve tried using the GmodWiki but it doesn’t explain how to apply into the map, only set it as the skybox. Whenever I startup a map, the skybox is non-existant. How do i fix it on my maps?

Go in the texture browser, and search for tools, there should be a skybox texture, double click that, and seal your map with the block tool and give it the skybox texture. Make sure there’s no leak into the endless black. Edit; The worst you could do is drag a box around your map and hollow it out with Ctrl+H, but hey, atleast it works.

Don’t listen to the bolded!

Make the skybox manually around the map. It will save you on file size, and compile time.

“so they say”

Why do you think? I highly doubt you know much about the hollow function AKA carving a brush inwards/outwards.

And not to mention having a hollowed skybox around your map would create lots of unnecessary visleaves and space that would eat you up done.

What are you talking about, i told him to seal the map in the first place, and didn’t recommend to put a box and hollow it out.


What the fuck do you know

Hollow is the same thing as carve.

You also don’t necassarily need part of the skybox underneath the map. After all, no one is likely to go there.