How did they do this? (Semiauto shotgun)

Ok so i found this skin on fpsbanana…

And does anyone know how they did that? i need to do it for the mod im working on

They up-ed the fire rate.

but i mean exactly how like did they edit the hex? edit the model?

The weapons in HL2 have scripts. Do the math.

he didnt edit the actual scripts. Its a skin.

Download it.

wait what

It’s not a skin, it’s an edited script. It’s categorized as a skin so more people would download it.

Yeah, models in Source contain absolutely no gameplay data. I’ve never seen any game engine store weapon info in the model.

The download doesn’t even contain any model data, as far as I can tell. Just a text file, used by HL2 to determine the weapon behavior.

By the way, it will not work in multiplayer. Period.


Here, read this

but heres the thing i tried just using the text file and not the model and it didnt change anything

This can be accomplished by increasing the framerate of the firing animation in the .qc file.
Though, this only works on singelplayer or servers with this mod.

That only changes how fast it appears to shoot. The bullets coming out are controlled by the executable.


Where did you put the text file? It goes in the scripts folder, not the models folder.

yeah no shit. It didnt change anything except it went from 6 shells max to 8 shells max


well i went into the hex and changed some things so now it looks like its semi auto but all i did was get rid of the pump animation and it waits like 3 seconds in between shots

any way still?


Really, the best way to modify the functionality of a weapon is in code. There is no way to do it by changing the model, and only a difficult and unreliable way to do so via scripts.

There is a way to do it with the model but it depends on the scripts still.
If the fire rate is set to 0 then it relies on the animation for the fire rate (well from my knowledge)

I’ve looked at the code, and it doesn’t look at the animation data. In fact, some of the weapons don’t look at the script data.

so then how did he do it?

The shotgun is one of the weapons that does look in a text file for certain gameplay data, including rate of fire.