How did they raid?

Another thread of how was I raided.

All my original doors there, walls placed how I placed them, and the only obvious hiccup are my pillars being gone.

I know I don’t have metal window bars, but honestly how I had a FOREST of pillars outside my home .Every plop-able foundation was placed and 9 pillars x 7-8 stories high per foundation, I had to pillarcade my own perimeter at the start so I could place the pillars I wanted (of course I destroyed the pillars as I descend once I finished my pillar forest) they wouldn’t be able to place a shelter, boxes, or pillarcade to a window without the pillars coming down at least 3-4 stories.

How could these have been removed other than admin? Remove feature is not available, decay is impossible overnight? (I was on yesterday and the pillars were 7+ stories). I honestly don’t know what happened other than an admin removing?

The kicker is…even if an admin did why would they?

My stuff robbed, ALL of MY original doors are there, walls placed how I do…

I’m gonna make a video and put it up so I can show in detail, but I mean shit… I’m running out of ideas on how they looted EVERY room, without blowing a single door, and removing about 80% of my pillar defense.

Am I overlooking something?

If they were really sneaky: c4ed into every room and replaced the walls on their way back out with new ones? That’s what I am doing (if it is reasonable, say, 5-6 walls) because A. I don’t loot everything and don’t want their houses robbed empty by newspawns and other people, and B. the confusing is quite amusing :wink:

Well it’s a 1x3. And about 8 stories tall. If you come in my front door, you are greeted by a furnace square in front of you. Barricades along the walls, crates behind those, and a workbench strategically placed. This was the configuration for about 90% of my base minus a couple select rooms. I had no stairs to advance to the next room above. And if you wanted to get up there, you had to either open the door on the bottom, jump on the furnace in the middle of the room, jump onto the top of the metal door and open the door you want to advance to . You don’t have to have the bottom door open to jump to the next floor, you can jump onto the bottom door if it is closed, however the top door must be open, I’ve tried dozens of times. This is my substitute to stairs. I used a 1x3, so when you/if enter the front door, you will have to use said sequence to proceed “up stairs”. But when you do enter the “stair room”, one of two things will be happening. Either you just blew down the door you have to jump on and need to wait ~5 min to place your own (which you may or may not know when raiding) or you will destroy what you will to place C4 on the second floor’s door. It’s a complete bitch, in a nutshell, and it’s really not the point of this thread. My pillars, well over 100 are alllllll gone. And the only thing I can think is Admin, but I consider myself really cool with all of them, so wtf? Did they go out of their way to do that?

I’m gonna make a video, but can’t right this second. A lot easier to show.

hmm, and the foundations were plopped to your base foundations? because otherwise it might have been decay cause they were not “used”. Other than that, no idea since pillars (especially your pillars) can’t be removed…

no, the way the hill was you couldn’t place a pillar for a few meters, but i was sure to place a foundation near every little nook and cranny within a proximity of my base and pillar the hell out of it :confused:

but they weren’t connected to your base? then they can despawn as long as no camp fire and/or door is used on their foundation…

I would check to see if you have full control over your doors. It is possible they could have replaced them, and unlocked them. Just a thought though.

They can despawn in <8 hours? There was about 60+ pillars on each foundation. The foundations next to my base are there, just not the pillars. However the pillars on the foundations attached to my base are all there…

Well it is not <8 hours. If a pillar is on a foundation without campfire/door that is used, it counts as “not used” and decay starts after 24 hours. And this is 24 hours after building the stuff (I assume you used wood), not after you being online. Only if you use a campfire/door (as you regularly do in your base), the decay timer is reset.

Last night everything looked exactly the way it had for the past few nights. I did notice after the first couple nights the top pillar decaying. That was two days ago I think. Did the whole lot of them come crashing down? Or would does it decay one at a time?

it decays from top down but once they start despawning it is rather quickly… had my pillars around my house decay in a timespan of 4 hrs or so (after the top pillar went really dark). Solution: put a campfire on the foundations and light it every now and then (read: once every 24 hrs) or even a doorway with a wooden door :smiley:

There are ways to noclip, happend to me aswell all my doors and walls there but boxes gone :slight_smile:

The other thing is whether or not the server is running Oxide with teleporting available for players.

The admins on my server took it off after one logged in and 4 players exploited the teleport to get through their metal base… he God mode’d their ass for their troubles then banned them, right after they went on a rampage of moaning and crying about “Admin Abuse!!!” :suicide: