How did this player survive?

Bolt headshot, 6 m4 body shots in first vid. Second vid adds 3 more m4 body shots. Admin completely denies this player had access to god mode. (Player in question use to be an admin).

The bolt head shot should of been more then enough to kill the person in question. Bolt action rifle can 1 shot someone in full kev. Yeah this is straight up god mode or a heack/cheat. No one can absorb that much dmg.

My guess would be admin abuse.

Cheat 100%

Definitely cheat and/or admin abuse.

For sure abuse or cheat. No way to survive.


no its admin abuse, god mode is not doable(without getting into the servers)

Well I always hear when you are drunk or had 1 too many to drink, you don’t get hurt as easy. So…there is that

I challenge you to a bolt action rifle shot to the head, you can drink as much as you like :stuck_out_tongue: Winner doesn’t have to pay for the booze :slight_smile:

Thats an admin cause there are no godmode cheats.

What server was this so everyone can avoid it cause as seen in the video the admins DO use godmode.

Hahaha, how much can I drink? I may have to think about this.

LAME admin is LAME

time to find a new server pal :frowning:

Oh yeah, that’s why I don’t play Community servers, you get this 70% chance.

In fact, official servers have cheaters, they get their VAC soon or later.

Just so people know, if there are 2 admins in a server, and 1 of the 2 admins turn on godmode, both admins get godmode.

So, don’t jump the gun about this guy admin abusing too soon, maybe he didn’t know he had it on.

Sounds more like an excuse. That doesn’t explain why he didn’t give anything back. If he was a good admin he would give their stuff back straight away.