How did you come across Garry's Mod?

Tell us how you found garrysmod.
I found it by watching youtube videos.

Looking for physics/sandbox games.

Looking up sandbox and physics games in youtube.

my cousin

Saw my bro playing it back on v8, not long after I started playing it.

Saw some video’s on youtube.

i found it by searching physics sandbox games on fun-motion website…

Looked games from 5 to 10 dollars on steam.

I played Yay Pit on Half life 2 deathmatch about four years ago, it’s like this server where you use the physics gun to pick stuff up and you type !freeze into your console and it freezes it in mid-air, or the admins parent props to you to make them your playermodel-ish, or just play on puzzle maps. I used to always hear about Garrysmod on it, and I thought it was just a rip-off, so I dissed it and said I thought it sucked, then I actually tried it and found it was pretty damn-near awesome.

A German gaming show had it a bit. Damn they sucked.

I think I remember seeing Garrysmod on G4 once, but I can’t remember fully.

My friend introduced it to me

Then we stayed up half the night trying to make a boat fly with balloons and thrusters

Needless to say, I was hooked.

i think i discovered it with a mixture of searching physics games, and seeing a few videos on youtube. i think the first one was of that HUGE walking collosus thing…OMFG that was AWESOME!!


Friend who had V9 I think.

To be honest, it was such a long time ago, I don’t even remember. All I remember is I had gotten HL2 free with my ATi card. And that’s how I found Steam.

When It first came out my Friend told me about it.

I dont really remember, I think I found it on Youtube…

I just saw it when it first came out on Steam. A year or two after buying HL2 back in 2004.