How did you discover Garry's Mod?

How did you discover Garry’s Mod?
I don’t know if any you ever watchedCodename36’s original Gmod Adventures before they were deleted due to Copyright reasons, But that’s how I discovered Garrys Mod.

Post yours



Discovered gmod 9 on MODDB while looking for SMOD.
That would have been '07 or early '08

A friend showed it to me in 8th grade.


I also heard of gmod 9 I just didn’t know what it was. I saw codename36 videos read about it and for 2 years I waited. 2 whole years of waiting.

I was looking for Battlefield 2 Sandbox and found this instead.


Saw Gmod 9 on Steam, didn’t have the games required for it. A few months later, Gmod 10 came out and I bought it.

A friend linked me to it in late '06/early '07. I got it, and loved it.

A friend showed me it in summer 07. Bought it in august 07.

My friend showed me some videos he found funny on youtube, we looked into it how they made them and voila, i found out about Garry’s Mod


My older brother showed me Counter Strike Source. When I went on the store page it showed the CS:S and GMod bundle.

You know. I don’t think I remember. I think it might have been YouTube…but I basically bought the Orange Box because a friend did say it was cool, and after played the HL2 demo I was impressed, so naturally I ventured into the world of mods.

I searched “Chromehounds mech glitch” then found a garrysmod robot video under “Related”

Youtube fudged on me, then i watched a total of 20minutes of tutorials… then bought it.

(Then sadly found out im the only one in my grade that knows about it.)

I can’t remember, but I think it was the Garry’s Mod 9 Steam page or

My brother showed me Garry’s Mod 8 a long time ago when I was a kid and in 2007 I asked him what the name of the game was (I forgot back then) and I bought it.

Got the free HL2:DM, heard some people on server saying “I only have the pirated GMod10, I am getting the real one soon.” Got L4D. Got L4D2. Later a friend told me about garrysmod. Three months later bought it with CS:S, two of those months searching on google “Do I buy Gmod with CS:S or TF2…” Thank god I bought it with CS:S…

A friend showed me a video and a year and 1/2 later I got gmod