How did you first die in Rust?

more curious than anything, i’m wondering what the most memorable first death was for you:)

mine was first night on a vanilla server. i’d wandered off, gotten lost and now i was cold. so i found a large rocky space to light a fire and keep warm, hoping no wolves or bears would roam around to eat me. in the distance, getting closer i hear singing, and see a naked skipping merrily toward me. douse the fire. he comes closer, still singing about…well i cant say the words, but different nationalities…anyway, he seems harmless, so i let him warm himself by the fire. we dance, he sings. gives me some chicken. nice time had by all.

the sun starts to rise, so i head on my way. so he cracks my skull open from behind with the metal hatchet he was hiding the entire night XD

taught me that everyone is a potential threat…people will kill you in this game just because they can. later that game i was given a shelter, armour, food, metal hatchet and pick, guns…everything i could need by a person about to log off for a while. i learnt that although people will kill you for no reason, some people will help you for exactly the same reason…because they can.

interesting little social experiment, Rust:)

I died

Shot in the face after wondering around,

Fell off a mountain

I was lost in the wastelands, wandering around for at least 45 minutes. So I decided to end it all and walked towards the ocean at dawn to drown myself whilst playing sorrowful music. Didn’t know about the “suicide” command…

Got lost in the wastelands too. I had a lot of loot on me (for a beginner), and I didn’t want to kill myself. I had a house on the cliffs at the south of the map. A small shelter hidden in the rocks, almost impossible to find if you didn’t know it was here. Well, I wandered for two hours before finding the cliffs again, came close to my shelter, missed a jump and… Died. Couldn’t find my bag after. FML

rock cracked my head - nothing special really

Looking for my friend trying to give me directions. Fell of a cliff, broke my legs.
It became night, i starved to death never finding my friend.

Spawn near hanger, start looting and get killed before you even realize someone was there … not just first time I died btw it was also the first 10min of my rust life.

Wanted to check if i can swim, dont ask…


“Hey there, this is my first time playing this ga…BLAMM”

Same here.

First time I fell off a cliff. Ouch.

Second time I lost a rock fight :wink: …I’d won the first one and got cocky. The next guy knocked my lights out. Yes, I was that aggressive noob player who attacked everyone with a rock. Well, at least for my first hour or so in the game.

I fed the wolves, with myself that is…

Died of hunger the first 3 times.

Got killed by a Admin, he teleported me to him, and he used Uber Hatchet to kill me.

I bought rust when there were only a few official servers, and on each server there was about 200 players at all times. So, I think asking me when I first died is pointless - I died every minute… Surviving for five minutes was considered fortunate for solo players who just joined xd

Fell, broke my leg and bled out.

Didn’t know how kt run so zombies killed me, lulz.(back in June/July)

I saw a flying guy who come at me when i was killing a chicken and he killed me.