"How did you get here?"

I’ve been here, waiting for you.


(He’s talking to the owl)


Did you just press “random faceposing” and go with that?

“Feels good man.”

It’s supposed to be trippy. Whose happy they’re dead? Besides he’s talking to an owl, I’m disappointed that the dead guy’s face is the first thing you focus on.

Actually scratch that.

Pretty much the what I was going for.

Oh yes, silly faces, how abstract.

Dead people don’t normally look constipated though. Regardless, it’s a nice picture, the second pose is the better of the two in my opinion.

Are you going to offer an criticism, or just be an ass?

Since I can’t get over the faces and really focus on it, then I should probably stop talking.

AHAHAhahahaa oh my goD the FACes

lLOL the FACES how do you even ACCOMPLISH that?!