How did you learn? (What's your favorite method)

I have been playing garrysmod on and off since 2011 and have plenty of experience setting up and running servers and always thought it would be fun to create my own game mode and/or be apart of a game mode project. I am looking for good ways to teach myself and want to see how some of the other experienced lua guys on here learned. So below if it’s no hassle could you give the way you learned/are learning and if you wish rate your experience. Also, are there any good practice game modes one could use to learn, e.g. edit the code and see what happens?


I know it’s boring compared to flashy gamemodes but please start off with the basic concepts of lua/general programming, there are some really nice tutorials on maurits:

I jumped into editing scripts and fixing up old gamemodes but couldn’t be fucked to read the basic tutorials which I really regret because for a long time, I was very inconsistent in that I could do some pretty advanced things in certain areas but then completely struggle in other core component areas - this is not a method of learning that should be followed

Like for the longest time I had no idea what meant in regards to tables which is fucking appalling.

Thank you i’ll be sure to start here.

Just dive into it. Take something such as TTT and start editing it to your liking.

Reading books and official documentation may me boring, but it will teach you way more than some Youtube video will. I suggest reading “Programming in Lua” book here to get a decent understanding of Lua, mainly what Lua is all about; tables, as well as the difference between the colon : and dot . operator and their relation to the ‘self’ variable (Chap. 16)

Reading part IV (Chap. 24 and up) isn’t necessary, and I don’t recommend reading it unless you have a good grasp of programming concepts.