How difficult would it be to make a script that uses the toolgun model as swel put let's me change the text/image on it?

Ideally I would want to make it possible for the server to send text/images to the pad. These images/text would be a part of the game mode so the client would already have them, the script would just change the weapon. I haven’t really much experiencing with sweps but I was able to recolor a few models using VTF editor. Could someone please point me out in the right direction resources wise? What would be the simplest way to do this? The goal would be to have it function almost like a data pad.

Honestly, if you learn and get a good feel for working with rendertargets and 3D2D, it’s gonna be much easier than having other textures and you can do more. But what you want for the time is setting the viewmodel’s submaterial of the screen to the material you want.

Thanks for the tip. I get a bunch of question threads on a google search but I can’t seem to find a source or at least a primer on it…anyone?

Here’s some basic drawing on the screen.

It basically mimics what the default toolgun does, I’d recommend looking at that source code as well.

This is awesome. I’m not home so I can’t try it but by reading through it, it seems exactly what I would want to experiment with. I read the bind part, do I have to bind it manually or set it in the script?

That is only a hook on bind press, it does not bind keys itself.
It’s for scrolling through the tools, you don’t necessarily need it.

Got it to work and spawned the weapon but scrolling doesn’t do anything…?

To me that would be very hard but yea just listen to these people lol