How do admins pick out hackers?

Hi all,

Just wondering, what method do admins currently have to pick out that someone is hacking?

Curious as the admin of a server we were on was invisible around my friend defending our fort and just banned him for hacking - despite not doing so. So currently, is there a definite way to tell if someone is hacking?

Nope, as far as i can think of they can only be sure if they see it.

They can’t recon a person or something.

Avoid below server - auspubgamers.

See the thread below.

I’m a competitive fps player and generally can tell who’s cheating very quickly

In rust majority of cheaters are blatant about it (ex speed hacking/massive aimbot by mowing down groups of people)

For those who are a bit less obvious you’d just have to have experience telling out a cheater

For example my friends were playing with a guy named ‘nolskeys’ and whenever we went raiding with this guy he was nailing bolt action shots left and right (I can do the same, however his were headshots on moving targets consistently)

Then he would always see ‘out of range’ people, I’m in 1080p and notice about everything but he’d always see people on high elevations/above us (aka out of field of view)

Plus whenever we raided he was getting mow down headshots, not saying none of this is possible but after quickly looking at his steam profile he owned nothing besides payday 2 and rust

Searching for his name elsewhere led to nothing. So someone with zero fps experience is superior to me in aim? Nope

I’ve played with invite level counter-strike/tf2 players, division 1 natural selection players and yet this random guy has superior aim (not to mention shooting in rust is pretty crap in case you haven’t noticed, especially in the registry/model movement department)

Anyway so I banned him and his other account from my server, two days later a vac ban goes onto his account. - you can see here there’s zero fps experience, and if you view his TF2 stats he plays non of the competitive picks - which means he just spent time in pubs or afking for in-game items

So majority of the cheaters you encounter will be super blatant, for those less blatant take a look at the games they own on steam, how many years they’ve been on steam, and the hours they’ve logged into those games (even though steam stats only started recording in mar 2009) you’d still see that I have thousands of hours logged in several fps games (not even including games not on steam)

It’s a gut thing, but you need to actually be good at games to really pick them out. Especially without a spectator system it’s more difficult. Most you can tell without even spectating however - like if you’re playing natural selection and you get perfected lmged as a lerk you can assume aimbot (because of the games low tic rate/sparatic models) it’s literally impossible to hit every lmg bullet on a moving target, you can kill them in a clip but not land every bullet - nobody can really unless they’re not moving

That is fine. The server I was on - the admin was raiding our house and couldn’t get in. Proceeds to ban one of our players and then say the reason is because he shot at the admin while he was invisible after he teleported to him.

Why would someone with aimbot shoot at an invisible admin?

I proceed to find out one of the players that raided us and had problems with us was the admin himself.

I wish there are servers with proper admins.

I’m not entirely sure how this relates anything at all to your main post, you’ve switched your topic to admin abuse? And I’m not allowed to advertise my server but feel free to play on it, I’m pretty much the only admin there and I don’t even play on the server - just moderate, if I ever play I’m a regular player and not a child. Let me know if you want the info

Hackers can only be banned if seen by the admin or someone who has evidence that they wre hacking however admins can ban on any terms whether you hack or not they still have the option too because its their server

Thanks for the offer.

However I have some further questions regarding admins that is not really related to topic.

Can invisible admins hide name tag or can you see their names if you’re close enough? Is it possible to disable name if so, on himself?

Can admins go through doors? Or do they have to open the doors?

There is a plugin mod for Oxide (we use this on my server) Admin doors. this allows us to open every door.
No name tags can’t be hidden. very frustrating when you are trying to follow a suspected hacker…
Also we don’t abuse admin powers (we don’t raid, and don’t build gigantic admin bases)

On several servers I’ve been on admins themselves used ESP cheats to ban hackers, and this was incredibly effective because they could see people flying, speedhacking, doing unusual behaviour, all the way through the map.

I’m not advocating that behaviour in any way; but I will say that those servers were some of the best I’ve played on.

Disagree, we’ve been cheater free for 4 days and I’ve been issuing out bans all while playing legit

Admins shouldn’t be doing the whole invisibilitything anyway. People that are using the AA hack have boxes arround other people, so eventhough the admin will be invisible they can still see him. No hacker is going to be stupid enough to use their hacks right in front of an admin… (and if they are stupid enough to do so the stupid part explains it all). Admins just have to get lucky to actually see someone speedhacking or superjumping to be a 100% sure. If not, they need other people to provide them with proof.

I agree with luck^eh, admins could use cheats themselves to see who is actually cheating and who isn’t, as it would be so easy to see who is speedhacking/superjumping blablabla. It just sucks that cheats are the only way to be sure that someone else is cheating :confused: And you never know if that admin will be using the hack for other stuff…

I use it when People are going 50 mph or killing 5 people within in 2 seconds or people start complaining