How do GCOMBAT weapons fire?

I don’t know how,i am new at wire,and i just plainly got them.
I press e on them and they just stand there.
How do they work?

i think they need a ammunition box and a wired number imput .

Badmin your thinking of CDS Gcombat uses wire mod to fire

Just wire a button with 1 as on to a weapon

okey thanks ill try
a button with 1 on a weapon…

Wire doesn’t work properly with a pirated Gmod…

Nothing works right with pirated GMod, now go and buy it.

Nobody said anything about it being pirated… The OP thought you had to hit E on them to fire.

No, he has a cracked steam. Read his other thread…

Gcombat weapons only need an input of 1(or maybe just positive) to work

Aaaaah, okay, now I know why it’s broken, because he’s a retard.

it works,thanks
i know how to fire wepaon :smiley:

He just Whooped your ass eh?

now i can destroy everybody’s else melon base at a friend server