How do I add a evolve plugin?

Couldn’t find this elsewhere, So, can someone tell me how?

Adding a plugin into evolve is pretty if you know what your doing.

Lets say for example you want a motd in evolve. First thing you do you go to the evolve plugin site.

You press the download button of the plugin in this case the motd plugin.
Then you will see the plugins code what you do you open notepad. Paste it in there. Then save it as sh_motd.lua (with other plugins just name it sh_(pluginname).lua). Save it in your addons/evolve/lua/ev_plugins folder.
Next time you run your server you see a motd.

And thats how you instal a evolve plugins, or atleast how i do it.

Thanks, So I just save the script as notepad if its not a download? Nvm.