how do i add a game to gmod??? like lf4d 2

i yust bought lf4d 2 i already have the first one so… but i also had gmod but there is only tf2 hlf2 and stuff from it and cst-s on it. now also lf4d one but its not in that list and stuff from gmod. now how do i add lf4d one and 2?? pls help me with this

You can’t, I think, since L4D 1 and 2 and Gmod are being ran on different versions of the engine. However, you can try using Gm_Mount2 to mount both of these games (if I’m correct).

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gm_mount2 doesn’t work at the moment I believe. There is no real easy way to import L4D/2 content into Gmod at this time.

Gm_mount 2 works fine for me.

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G_Mount2 died…Garry remade the “select” menu…it killed EVERYTHING

Put the addons main files into the base directory, not into addons. Addons aren’t ‘dominant’.

Gm_mount2 Works fine just download latest version.