How do I add a new Overlay to my game?

Hi, I was wondering how I add a new screen Overlay to my game. To be a little bit more specific, all I want to do is add a picture as an overlay on my screen. Thanks.

EDIT: I’ve been fooling around with the code to see if I could figure it out myself and I added

list.Set( "OverlayMaterials", "",	{ Material = "", Icon = "" } )

to the “Overlay.lua” file in the “lua>postprocess” directory, and was able to make another overlay option appear in the overlay menu in-game. Thought, the icon is blank and the overlay appears as the purple/black checkerboard.

I then changed the code I added already to read:

list.Set( "OverlayMaterials", "pumpkinblurEdit",	{ Material = "models/shadertest/pumpkinblurEdit", Icon = "models/shadertest/pumpkinblurEdit" } )

list.Set( "OverlayMaterials", "waterfall",		{ Material = "models/shadertest/shader3", Icon = "models/shadertest/shader3" } )

The second line of code, with the whole “waterfall” deal was already in there as part of the game, so I change my code to have the “models/shadertest/” thing so I would figure it would work. Although, the directory “shadertest” doesn’t appear in the files so I don’t know how it’s working. I added the folder “shadertest” and then added my picture, “pumpkinblurEdit” to see if it would work but it didn’t.

I need help!


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