How do I add body groups to a model? Also other questions.

So I decompiled a model and I have it all in blender right now. How would I go about adding body groups to this model? They’re going to be completely new models so I have to make them in blender first, but how would I go about making them lock onto the models rig and be selectable to turn on and off?

Other questions: The model has expression flexes and all that stuff (VTA) but I was wondering, would any alterations to the models face affect these?
I also would like to remove some bones and add some as well. If I do this, I would just have to make sure that I include the bone names in the QC file correct?

This is my first “mod” so sorry if I asked any stupid questions.

Regarding face flexes: even assuming the flexes do not break once decompiled (happens with the hl2 citizens, for example) it is generally a bad idea to edit a flexed model and it is very likely the edited vertexes will start doing weird stuff or not move at all so I’d advise against it

If you really have to you could use VTAApply to extract each frame and recompile it in a new VTA with your edited model. I don’t use blender so I can’t help you there though.

As for the bones, you only need to include them in the QC if you plan to do anything with them (like jigglebones or constraints for ragdolls)

Thank you for the input. I’m not turning this into a ragdoll, but a model for SFM. I’ve never heard of VTAApply. Now the model has 10 SMD’s. 3 are animations that are custom (it was originally a sniper skin with the animations), 4 SMDs that are part of the model itself(head, body, tail, hair), and the ragdoll/ref/phymodel smds. I was told to put the 4 model smd parts into blender to fix the rig. Now I assume that I use VTAapply on the head SMD and I did. It changed the heads expression to the frame I selected, but only 1 expression at a time. Am I doing this correctly?

Found the tutorial for blender someone sent me a while ago while I was learning to make flexes

it’s a pretty simple process but somewhat time consuming and boring

I don’t know how blender works but for 3dsmax after you have your “flexed” base model, you add an edit modifier ON TOP of the morph modifier and edit your model from there. This means that the shapekeys are applied on top of your edits, as each shapekey must have the exact same number of vertices. See if you can figure it out for blender or if someone can give you a hand for that.

looks good but I can’t read it, the picture is too small. Is there a larger version?

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nm found it