How do i add bots to gmod?

I wanted to make bots, computer players, like in CS

You can’t.


  1. Open up a multiplayer match in GMod (singleplayer does not work).
  2. Open up console, and type bot (creates 1 bot, repeat until you have enough)
  3. Type bot_mimic 0 in console to make them stop mirroring your movements.
  4. Have fun with the worlds most useless bots!

Thanks. I will try that.
It works on dedicated?

Only in GMod listen server.

No, i run bots all the time in my srcds gmod server. Fun to mess with noobs…

When i use this commands:

sv_cheats 1
bot_mimic 0

They just keep spinning :S What should i do ?

They do that because they’re dumbshits. Bot’s were not garry’s number one priority for Garry’s Mod. Heck I don’t even know if he wanted for bots to be in Garry’s Mod.

Haha, Ok :wink:

Do you want to use them for movies?

Use NPC’s Instead of the shit bots, end of story.

man people are mean open up your npc tab spawn a npc and get some npc controllers to do what you desire hope this helped :smiley:

This is a little late but:

one of the good things bots do is make your server look more popular.

Bots are useless in Garry’s Mod, just use NPC’s.

I think the reasons the bots don’t fight is, there are no bot waypoints for the GMod Maps, so the bots stand there.

How do you remove bots?

use kick command on them

i type bot
and the console said:
failed to load bot


Should make Mingebag Bots that shoot crates and couches at you.

Bots cannot be created in singleplayer :downs: