how do i add costum skins and ragdolls in scource sdk?

hi guys im posting this thread course i need help im working on this gmod machinima and i have encounterd this little problem. i cant seam to find any tutorials regarding adding costum skinns to sdk for instance adding a standard citizen but with a Custom ragdoll, and to make things eaven worse is that this ragdoll is having several skinn layers witch i cant figure how to change eather
the moddels im trying to add is thise combine officers
in short is it possible to add those models to scource sdk as a npc and can i control the boddygrupe skins somehow?

Put the models in the models folder, the materials in the materials folder of the game you are sdking in.

Please use google chrome, it helps with spelling a lot. Shit I’m using safari

thanks i will try that :slight_smile: