How do I add models to my TTT server and have them FastDL?

Having issues adding a model to my server and set them up in FastDL, can anyone help me out?

Firstly, do you have a webhost?

Not entirely sure, my server is being run through xenon if that helps at all.

Ask them/look at your plan to see if you have one.

No we do not

You can’t do FastDL without a webhost. You can try WorkshopDL.


Xenon Fast DL Services

I’ve seen all these hosting companies FastDL shit, and I have YET to see one of them being actually correctly setup. All of them use SourceRSC and I have to say, that is not compatible with GMod. Works perfectly fine for all other source games, but not just GMod.

Alright well Xenon sent us an email saying they “fixed” our FastDL that we’re supposed to have so, I guess I’ll try uploading a model again.

Let us know if you need any more help.

Well now the files download but nobody can still see the damn thing.

I’ve been using this guide by the way

Post your server.cfg.

Would you mind sending us the link provided in your server.cfg in the quotation marks after “sv_downloadurl”?

Also, show us the resource.AddFile code aswell as the code for the pointshop model and we’ll find the issue for you.

Damn you code_gs! My case now D:

Someone fucked with my server.

Well, you’ve specified the wrong path in Pointshop for the model, it should be: "models/apocmodels/deadpool/dyadyapoolya36.mdl"

Also, doesn’t work.

Alright well Deadpool is fixed, but I tried adding a deathstroke model, I did the EXACT same thing. And he comes up sideways for me and an error for everyone else…

Everybody is reporting the sideways error. It seems to be an issue with the model. Also, can you link me to your updated sv_downloadurl?

Our sv_downloadurl is still the same sv_downloadurl “

Is still doesn’t work, check for yourself.