How do I add models to pointshop?

I’m having some trouble with dedicated server, I want to add Mileena to the Pointshop but I don’t know where to get the file destination?

find it wherever you downloaded it, models/player/mileena.mdl ?, dont take my word, add me on steam if you need any further help,

just add me…

I cannot find models/player

go into addons/pointshop-master/lua/items/playermodels
copy the kliener.lua, paste it, rename it to anything, preferablly short, lower cased, no numbers or spaces
open it up, edit the things you need to edit such as the model location, model name and model price
save it,

Add the models to fast dl using the same location as specified in the lua
if players arms are spread out when you equip, it means its not a player model, it’s just a ragdoll