How do I add music at the end of a round in Deathrun?

I’ve been searching for hours and hours trying to find a script that would play music at the end of a round in Deathrun. If anyone could help me out it’d be highly appreciated.

I’ve tried the following solutions;

I placed this script in lua/autorun/, lua/autorun/server, and lua/autorun/client but none of it is working! Please help me!

Are there any Lua errors being output?


hook.Add( "OnRoundSet", "dndevowner", function( round, winner )
	if round == ROUND_ENDING then
		if winner == TEAM_RUNNER then
		elseif winner == TEAM_DEATH then
		elseif winner == 123 then -- If the winner is the timelimit, it will be the number 123.
end )

You just had to change the “Round Set Example”