How Do I Add Music To My Server ?

Hi guys how do i add custom music to my own server?
to use for sound emitter or something because when i put my song in /sound folder no one can hear it when i play it except me, so how do i do it ?

You have to make sure that the other people have the song as well, under the same /sound directory as you. Pack it with your server’s content or something.

If you’re using a STOOL (Like Sound Emitter), you should be able to select which sound to play, so you can point it to the music file’s directory. If you’re trying to activate it through the gamescript like a Globalsound function, that will require some coding.

Create a file named downloads.lua in lua/autorun/server and inside of it put:

I assume you want to play some music on your server? I before used WolfDJ,
but you require a web space for that. If you don’t have it, you could
download PlayX which is like the YouTube addon. All your clients will hear it at the same time.