How Do I Add My Model To Garrysmod ?

I made model for garrysmod but i dont know how to import to garrysmod can someone inform me about this ?

you require guistudios to compile it, and some smd’s depending on what it is, as well as you’ll need to have a qc written for this model of yours, it’s be easier to tell you what to do if you actually posted a picture of it.

Im using kHED 1.1.2 here is the picture of the model.

Forgive me this is my first model i ever made. Which one i have to choose for the save mdl or smd ?

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I downloaded

GUI STUDIOMDL 2.2 what i have to do now ?

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Please someone help

here’s a tut on compiling a prop:
and some vids:

Make sure your model is uvw unwrapped And has tga texture.