How do I add pre-rendered cutscenes in hammer?

Title basically says all but I’ll repeat myself. I want to add pre-rendered AVIs made from Source Filmmaker into my hammer map. Can anyone send me a tutorial video or explain how I would go about doing that?



and convert dat avi to .bik

then use Vgui_movie_display to play it

This only works for Portal 2.

Any way to do this on a Source 2009 modification?

As far as I know, other than coding a video player in with Lua, animated textures are your only option in Source 2009 for displaying video; however, that doesn’t really seem viable for something this complex.

Someone told me that I can create a cfg file that will play a video at the beginning or the end of a map. The only problem was is that he wasn’t too specific and didn’t provide a template for code. Does anyone have one?

if you’re doing the code yourself, check out:


He said he’s using 2009 which to my knowledge Valve has not had the code released for that branch yet. Unless he means alien swarm.