How do I add prefix?

Hi, I`m new to the server community and I want to add some prefixes to my server or tags as many calles it.
If you do not know what I am talking about I mean for example,
[Admin] Garry: Test
[VIP] Ronald: Test

Please help, I run a 24/7 server hosted by Nitrous Networks.


If you are running DarkRP I would highly suggest this, even if you are not running DarkRP this is a very good and easy to use tag system.(It is not free) CLICK HERE, but if you want one that is free take a look at this one.

Where do I add it?
I have a online server so what folder do I put it?

Put this in your addons folder

Its an amazing script I bought it also, Ikefi will help if you need help customizing things. Hes an amazing coder.

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Go check his other scripts also :slight_smile: and watch his youtube video

Found out, thanks! :slight_smile: