How do I add re-spawning NPC's on my map?

Hello, I’m still working on this Zombie Survival map and I’m just about done with the textures. But I need help with the AI - I’m trying to make the zombie’s auto-spawn in designated sections of the map but I don’t know how to set them into NPC Groups and have them re-spawn. Does anyone know how to add NPC Spawn points?

i think this would work

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Yes, that works but I want to set it so that the Template runs an unlimited amount of zombies instead of exhausting the math_counter.

I want the zombie spawn points to keep going and spawn in groups - as in 5 zombies spawn at a time like in most Zombie survival maps I see. And I want to connect this with ai_goal_follow so the zombies can know my (or players) location from a far radius on the map.

Any people well-versed in mapping AI can help me out with this specific configuration?

…Does anyone know at all? All I want is to have NPC Spawn Points that auto-generate groups of zombies on certain areas on my map. I see this all the time on Zombie Survival-based maps. Can anyone help me?

you could probably just make five of the zombie spawners, all set to the same timer, right? that way every time the timer is fired five zombies would spawn in the same relative area, acting like a group. or is there some sort of special zombie survival shit that i’m not aware of?

what is the point entity for the NPC spawner? I’m relatively new with Hammer.


I’m currently using npc_template_maker on a map I’m working on.
I’m not so sure about ai_goal_follow. I feel like ai_goal_assault also might be helpful for zombies hunting and killing people. I don’t like using those items too much though.
I would’ve thought zombie gamemodes gave the zombies a direction to go on their own, but a cyclic path pattern might lead them to players: