How do I add skins without overriding existing skins?

This is just a noobish question. I got the hang of how to create skins for Gmod. Now how do I make it so I don’t override the existing skin of a model? I want to use the new skin, but I also want to use the existing skins in place.

You “hex” it. Use this tutorial I wipped up.

i was wondering on the same thing ,the tutorial is hard to follow though

I was actually rushed at the moment, and I could probably update it anyway because some of it you don’t even have to do :v:

I guess I can redo it sometime

Yeah. I would recommend it. Some added dialog(Ether typed or spoken) and better quality video would help.

But yeah. Other than that video, what is a recommended tutorial site for hexing? And I know what hexing is about.

Hexing site?

If you mean to get a tutorial then look around, the only other place I ever saw an actual tutorial on hexing that wasn’t cluttered with shit everywhere or outdated was the gmod-ponies group on deviantart.

And damn guess I never watched it I filmed it with Camtasia so with my settings it should have saved as 1080p

I actually took alook at a tutorial on Hexing and after doing a modification routine, I got the easy part done.

The hard part is linking the new model to the different skin instead of the same skin. What file do I have to hex in order to do so?

Edit: Disregard the last sentence. I found out that the very bottom of the mdl file has the link to the model I need to change in order to use the new skin. So I have it figured out now, thanks.