How do I... & Addon Request


I’m thinking about making an account on garry’s mod .org, but i dont know crap about LUA, so I thought i would make adv dupe stuff. however, I dont know how to upload the adv dupe files. can someone please tell me?

Addon Request

I dont know if this is possible but, could someone please make a dig tool? I mean, how cool would it me to have a fort under the map.


1.Nobody cares for Adv Dupes unless they are extremely awesome


A dig tool would require either an edit to the map or an edit to the Source engine to allow terrain morphing.

That may be true actually, no one actually cares about dupes :stuck_out_tongue:
however, I COULD run tutorials on U2ube, and then if you cant make it, DL it.
its just an idea. I forgot about writing this LONG ago

Where is this new U2ube site? Never heard of it.