How do i advertise my new server ?

the titel says it all i just need help advertising my server any ideas
ps please no junk messages

Do not go on Servers and Spam with your Name of your Server and your IP of the server. Simply just wait. Your server advertises its self. People will want to join a low populated server. And when they do the rating goes up. That means yours EVENTUALLY will be at the top of the list. But you haft to keep the players interested for your rating to not go down to fast. You want to have lots of jobs, Donator jobs, and most of all Good Admins that do not abuse. If you get ONE abuse report on a Admin demote them instantly. Most likely the person the person that reports them is telling the truth. They usually have witnesses but thats not the case. Just make sure to have a good title, good Admins, a interesting server that keeps players interested, lots of jobs, good GUI, and donator ranks. When you have Donator ranks. They play on it for a long time. Then they get bored. So they decide to want to get interested; get tempted to make them want to buy your Donator Ranks for awesome jobs and such. And most of all. If you have M9K Guns and you have a specific job that only sells M9K Guns. And the M9K dealer job is a VIP job. People are bored of the old gun dealer. They want to be the cool kid that supplies there team with Guns that can shoot through walls. And also make sure to have a 1,000,000,000 Dollar lottery after a while because if you do. They will tell there friends,“Dude! You got to come on this server I have SO MUCH money Ill give you some so we can set up the ULTIMATE base/team.” Thats what you want to here. Lol there ya go! How to run a stable server and advertise. Lol.

Thanks TheMcsickness thats a way different view then what i had befor

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and thank you to smithy i just posted a thread