How do I Alt-Tab out without gmod crashing?

Whenever I try to Alt-Tab out of gmod, it crashes so I can’t switch back to it. I want to know if there is a way of minimising gmod without it crashing?

Try running it in a window.
My resolution is 1400x900

I run at a way smaller window.
It makes it easier to just do other things in the background, and improves my fps.

Try running it in -windowed -noborder, if you have the same resolution on gmod as on the desktop using this, it will look and act like fullscreen, except alt-tabs are instant.

Don’t you mean 1440X900? Or is that just because im wide screen?

What OS are you running? I can alt+tab out of gmod and go back in without it crashing

Right click Gmod in the steam games list. Click Properties. Set Launch Options.

-console -windowed -noborder

Launch the game.
Go to Options -> Video
Change the resolution to the exact same as your desktop resolution.
Might have to Restart Gmod (Because changing resolution sometimes fucks up some things)

When you launch GMod now you won’t see that it’s in a window because the borders are removed.

(Someone else already mentioned this)

Is there a simple way.
My OS is Xp

That is definitely the best solution.

press Esc before alt-tabbing, works for me, also goes quicker if you use windowed mode

My (and that other guys’) solution is the simplest. It’s not very hard.